Can I register a descriptive word as my trademark?

Yes, if you use it as a trademark (i.e., as a business name or product name) and you do not use it in a generic sense. Here are some rules for using your somewhat descriptive trademark:

  1. Use the trademark as a proper adjective.
  2. Stylize the trademark when used in text (e.g. bold face, initial capital letters, italics, colors).
  3. Use the trademark with appropriate warnings such as the "TM" symbol or language which says "This mark is a trademark registered in Texas."
  4. Never alter a trademark - use it a single way exactly as it is trademarked. Do not use it as a verb. Do not pluralize a trademark that was trademarked in the singular.
  5. Manage the use of your trademark by other market participants. Require your clients, licensees and competitors to say "Registered trademark of ABC, Inc." if they wish to use your trademark.
  6. Enforce your trademark. Quickly react to the improper use of a trademark by sending "cease and desist letters" or by explaining the proper use of your mark.