A trademark search:
Why register a name, product or logo?

Please do not underestimate the value of a trademark search. While optional, it is important to know the full extent of any possible use of your chosen mark prior to filing an application. It is not uncommon that some third party has already registered your mark or has certain common law rights to use the mark that you wish to register. Additionally, assuming the research reflects that your mark is already registered, investing in a trademark search will have saved you both the application preparation fee and the filing fees. To learn if your mark is still available please complete our Secure Order Form.

There are three (3) different trademark searches available:

 "Direct Hit” [ $100.00] check of the federal database. This includes up to five (5) different word marks and is normally completed the same business day. This "Direct Hit"  is essentially a "screening" of the pending and registered marks currently existing in the federal database only. This process does not include a logo check or examination of the foreign, state, common law or Internet Domain name databases. Additionally, the federal database is only current to within approximately four (4) months. Consequently, the data resulting from a "Direct Hit" trademark search is at best two (2) months old.

 "Comprehensive" [$375.00] examination of the federal, state, common law and Internet Domain name databases. "Comprehensive" is the broadest search we offer and takes five (5) business days. Expedited two (2) day "Comprehensives" are also available for an additional charge.  As mentioned previously, at any given time the information in the federal or any of the various state databases can be as much as two (2) months old or more. Thus, you can expect that the results of researching your mark are only valid up until a few months ago. Trademark searches are very comprehensive however and, apart from a small risk of a very recent filing, will provide you with an excellent search product and timely information. Please do not hesitate to inquire if you have any questions regarding the timeliness of a trademark search.

 "Canadian” [$125.00] search. This is a detailed check of Canada's federal database. Please note that in Canada, unlike the U.S., there are no state level marks. If you wish to register your mark in Canada or any other foreign country please send us an E-mail with a list of those foreign countries and we will refer you to a  specialist in that country.

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